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What can I do if a towing company tows my car without my permission

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I was in an accident and a towing company just pitched out of nowhere and towed my car before I could stop them, I was busy with the other people in the accident and I didn't see them, this can't be legal right? now they want to charge me R1000 for towing my car but my insurance would have done it for free!!

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Legally you have the right to take possession of your car if someone has towed it without your permission and you had to have given them permission to move the car unless its obstructing traffic, in saying that in South Africa most of the towing companies take advantage of this! On the scene if you are not paying attention they will move your car saying "it was obstructing traffic" and only give it back when you pay their fee so you need to be very aware if you are in an accident, check what Arrive Alive says: "The motorists should not be forced into making an ill-considered decision. Even though many operators might arrive at the accident scene – it is still his decision on who should assist in the recovery of his vehicle. The National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996 stipulates in Section 61(3) that …no person shall remove a vehicle involved in an accident, except for the purpose of sufficiently allowing the passage of traffic, without the permission of the owner, driver or operator of such vehicle or a person who may lawfully take possession of such vehicle."- Arrive Alive

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Keep a close eye on your car if you are ever in an accident, my friends car was towed because she wasn't watching it and was in a state from the accident and when she looked again her car was being towed.

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