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Protect Your Furry Friend with Pet Insurance

Give your pet the care they deserve, without the financial burden from R80 p/m.

We all love our furry friends, but unfortunately, accidents and illnesses can happen at any time. The last thing you want is to be faced with a hefty vet bill, forcing you to choose between your pet’s health and your finances. That’s where pet insurance comes in – it can give you peace of mind knowing that you’re covered if something unexpected happens.

How Pet Insurance Works

Pet insurance is easy to use – simply pay for your pet’s care as usual, and then submit a claim for reimbursement. We offer a fast and easy claims process, with most claims processed within 2 business days. You can even submit claims online, making the process as convenient as possible.

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The average cost of a routine vet visit in South Africa is around R500 to R800, but prices for more complex procedures may vary between different veterinary clinics.

What Our Pet Insurance Offers

Our pet insurance policies are designed to meet the unique needs of your pet, with coverage for accidents, illnesses, and even routine care. Our policies offer:

  • Cover from only R80 p/m
  • Exclusive access & up to 25% discount on ALL Onepet Premium Pet Store Products.
  • Instantly process claims for Vet Visits and Routine Care – Zero paperwork, just upload an image of your invoice through the app.
  • Comprehensive coverage for accidents and illnesses
  • Fast and easy claims process
  • Affordable premiums to fit your budget
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Protect your furry friend today by signing up for our pet insurance. With affordable premiums, comprehensive coverage, and a fast and easy claims process, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your pet’s health is covered. Sign up now and give your pet the care they deserve.

Best pet insurance company. I’ve been with them for more than 2 years now and never had an issue. This morning again, I had to rush my baby Levi to the vet and the money was loaded onto his card within 10 minutes. Paid the vet with my Oneplan card, uploaded the invoice on whatsapp and claim was improved. No hassle. Thank you for always being there for my fur baby.

Anlea De Bruin

Don’t let vet bills catch you off guard. Sign up now.

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