Apple Phones

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in April 1976 to fulfill the lifelong dream of Wozniak to build his own personal computer. Wozniak’s engineering expertise, combined with Jobs’ innovative and consumer-focused approach, turned Apple Inc. into an instant success.

Apple was the first company to incorporate a functional graphical user interface, featuring on-screen windows, a pointing device known as a mouse, and the use of icons into two new computers:Lisa, released in 1983, and the lower-cost Macintosh, released in 1984. In 1998 Apple introduced the more affordable all-in-one iMac computer, which quickly became the all-time best-selling Mac. In 2001 Apple introduced iTunes and begun selling the iPod, a portable MP3 player.

In 2007 Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone, a cellular telephone with capabilities for playing MP3s and videos and for accessing the Internet. The company sold 270,000 iPhone units during the first 30 hours of sales, and the device was called “a game-changer for the industry.” Apple produces some of the world’s most popular consumer devices, software, and services: the iPhone, iPad, iMac and MacBook computers, Apple TV, Apple Watch, iOS, iCloud, iTunes, Apple Music, Apple Pay, and many more.