Take control of your finances with Debt Review

Debt Review Process Simplified

Through a very simple and uncomplicated process we will register you with NCR, which automatically protects your assets and you from anyone you owe money to, so it includes banks.  You will become untouchable, where contact by any creditor with you is not allowed.  And in that breathing space we will help you rebuild your finances so that you can move forward and enjoy life again.

Do you need help with your debt?  Great, because we are here to help you rebuild.

What is Debt Review?

Simply, Debt Review is a process of handing over your debt negotiations to a Debt Counsellor, a person who becomes your go-to person, who will compile your debts, look at your income, and with you, work out a payment plan on your instalments & interest options with creditors; and then your go-to Debt Counsellor negotiates on your behalf with all your creditors. Debt Review makes your debt affordable while protecting you from asset repossession, legal action and creditor harassment.

Debt Review Benefits For You:

  • One reduced affordable monthly instalment for all your debt
    • Reduced instalments with all creditors
    • Reduced interest rates with all creditors (where negotiated)
  • We deal with your creditors directly, so you don’t have to
    • Creditors may no longer harass you for payment
  • There is a structured repayment plan with an exit date as a goal
  • You will have enough money to pay your living expenses
  • Your assets will be protected against legal action
  • You end the process debt free and eligible for credit again
  • There are reduced credit life insurance premiums

If this sounds good to you, then you will be pleased with the ease of the process to achieve this!

How does debt review work?

Step 1: Lets look at your financial situation and work out your debt profile.  Step 2: Getting all the paperwork together for a formal review  Step 3: We call for Confirmation from your creditors & work out a repayment schedule with you.  Step 4: We list you on the National Credit Bureau’s NCR Debt Help database  Step 5: NCR notifies credit bureaus that you have applied for debt review.  Step 6: We negotiate with all creditors to confirm a repayment plan  Step 7: Creditors confer for agreement and a consent order is issued  Step 8: You start paying your debt with peace of mind.


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