The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has actually advised vehicle drivers to restore their licences prior to the grace duration due date at the end of August.

The nationwide lockdown troubled the nation in 2020 required licencing centres to close, leading to a stockpile of ended licences.

Transportation minister Fikile Mbalula consequently revealed an extension for these licences.

All student licences, driving licence cards, short-term driving licences and expert driving licences that ended in between 26 March 2020 and 31 December 2020 were made legitimate for a grace duration ending 31 August 2021, the RTMC stated.

” As the due date quickly approaches, members of the general public are motivated to make the most of the prolonged operating hours at different licensing centres to restore their licenses prior to the due date.”

The group stated that drivers need to have the following files all set when obtaining their driving licence:

  • Initial ID and a copy, old driving licence card or legitimate South African passport
  • 4 black and white ID photos
  • Evidence of home
  • Licence renewal charge.
” Do not wait up until the precise expiration date prior to thinking about to restore your automobile or driving licence,” the RTMC stated. “Allow a minimum of 4 weeks lead time from date of application for the shipment of your driving licence card.”

The group stated that drivers need to likewise request their driving licence early to prevent needing to look for a momentary driving licence at an extra expense.