Thinking back, memories of DSTV are pretty heart-warming.

Staying up all night being able to watch all the cartoons you wanted, until they cut off the kid’s channels at 10pm, and then forcing yourself to go to bed.  The rush of hurrying out of bed and dashing to the living room to resume your position watching cartoons until your mother chases you up with her slipper to go and brush your teeth and make your bed! (well that’s me, I’m sure you have your own experiences)

The Life Of DSTV

We all share fond memories but over the years, times have changed. People’s interests change and over time DSTV is no longer this amazing service that everybody raves about.

As time has passed on, people started noticing all the annoying repeats and outdated content. In the beginning, it was great because we hadn’t seen the programs yet, but once you have seen them, you don’t want to watch it over, and over, and over again!

With a strong 6.3 million following, DSTV is still popular. This being that it offers a wide selection of channels catering to every possible need. Be it spiritual, culinary, social, sport etc. they have something of everything. Many people still opt in for this reason alone. When last did you check if you are paying too much for Car Insurance? Check with our free 5-minute quotes:Paying too much for your car insurance

Watching TV has come a long way hasn’t it!

Dstv to live or die, price of dstv, price of netfliux

Will competitors destroy DSTV?

Over the years many competitors have shown up guns blazing to take their spots on the podium next to DSTV. The likes of Netflix AND Showmax catering to the series and movies junkies around the world.  Yet one of the biggest attractions in South Africa that have made consumers flock to Multi Choices’ doors is their extensive range of sports channels.

South Africa has a major love for sport and having unlimited access to sports matches year round is a major plus point. Catering to every type of sport. It’s like a candy store for men!

Sadly having such great sports channels, won’t let them stay in top positions forever. There have been some very interesting developments in the industry over the last few years that could change our television viewing forever. What are these? Okay, okay I won’t make you wait any longer.

is dstv worth it

DTT- digital terrestrial television – has made some serious shakes in other countries. This service has been making analogue television obsolete around the world. Offering a larger array of channels at no extra charge.

South Africa, however, is still waiting for this introduction, as usual, we are last in line. This offers many perks though, with the DTT, you would be using the money you would have paid DSTV every month and reinvest it into a decent internet connection. All you will then need is the DTT set box and away you go, this will only set you back a once off fee of between R400 – R700 and you will have access to eight extra channels free. Once this is up and running in South Africa, it is sad to say, but DSTV would be in serious trouble.

DTT will become a very serious contender and DSTV will need a game changer to stay in business, the times are changing rapidly now and in order to survive, you need to keep with the times DSTV.

Streaming online, is it too costly?

With this in mind, there are many many alternatives to the generic TV. For those who have a stable fast internet connection, Netfix has definitely become a “must have” for many who need their daily series fix. This costs just over R100 per month and gives you access to hundreds of online streamable series at good quality resolution. Value for money? I think so… and we know how much South Africans love value for money. While there are only a couple of options to replace DSTV, there are so many insurance companies that you can choose from in South Africa, if you feel like you are paying too much for car insurance do our free 5-minute premium checker and get instant quotes from over 10 providers just like Taryn did:

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An alternative that seems could be taking off, is GOTv that has been launched by MNET. This is also a digital TV setup that works on the same principles as DTT. You pay a once off fee of R699 to acquire the box/ decoder and then for only R99 a month you have access to all they offer in the range of 12 different channels.

So as far as DSTV is concerned, there are many options on the market, yes not quite hit the mark the way DSTV has, but options are popping up that may soon offer the community more of what they like and need at a price much less than that of DSTV. Once other options become more dominant DSTV will have to make a change, either in value offering or price. And DSTV “Price Lock” is not the best you can do.

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