Yes, we don’t all need Life Insurance. People with names like Gates, Zuckerberg, Buffet, Arnault don’t need it. For the rest of us, we generally do need Life Insurance.

We have all been here, thinking, “Do I actually need Life Insurance or can I spend the money elsewhere”. We love to have the “that will never happen to me attitude,” because in a way it’s actually being positive…good thoughts yield good outcomes right, not in this case. If you feel like you are paying too much for life insurance, we can show you how little you can pay:

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What Age do I Need to Get Life Insurance?

Life Insurance should not be negotiable if you are married, you are the breadwinner (or pull in most of the monthly’s) and you are making money to feed a family that may feel like a small army.

Many people in these situations don’t have life insurance but the scary thing is that life insurance should actually costs less than your monthly DSTV premium. You can get Life Insurance starting from R150 per month. Compare it… that’s 2 Burger King meals vs a million Rand payout for your family if something happens to you:

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South Africans are under the impression that if you are single (not-hitched) you don’t need Life Insurance but there are a good couple of reasons that even if you are single you should consider getting Life Insurance:

1.     If you have loans such as a student loan or any loan/debt where there is a co-signature on the loan: the co-signer WILL be held responsible to pay back the money (yes, this is a Zuma joke). The last thing you want is for the people you love like your parents to be stuck with all the debt that you incurred.

2.     If you are living with your significant other: just because you aren’t married doesn’t mean you don’t share things such as rent, mortgage, medical aid costs and many other expenses. So what happens if one of you passes away prematurely, your partner will be left with all the expenses, would they need to pack up and leave their home immediately and start selling things to make ends meet because they are used to depending on a 2-income household?

3.     You generally pay less, way less, now because you are young and healthy: It may seem like a waste but if you take up a good premium while you are young and healthy you may be paying a lot less in the future! One day, age or sickness may put Life Insurance too far out of your reach.

4.     Life Insurance will pay for your funeral: everyone gets very awkward and weird when someone mentions a funeral or dying in an accident before your time but let’s talk about it. If you were to pass with no warning signs would you want your parents, family members, and friends to have to deal with grieving as well as the stress of paying for a funeral? Funerals these days have become SO EXPENSIVE. The average funeral generally costs between 30-40k in South Africa!

We Found a Company Called Different Life

What’s DIFFERENT about Different Life you ask? Well, unlike the old school Life Insurance provider Different Life is integrating the best tech and reputable cover from Old Mutual to bring you one kickass product that is simple, inexpensive and effective.

Different Life states that they want you to be able to actually feel good about not only protecting your loved ones but giving back to help someone else’s life. With that in mind Different Life has decided that your first monthly payment and your first payment every subsequent year will become something that they call a Different Donation. A Different Donation is given to the charity of your choice (How AMAZING is that?) through

We were extremely impressed by them and decided we needed to work with these guys, if you want to get a quick quote for a Life Insurance policy go to our link below, fill in your details and make the difference in your family’s life as well as someone else’s.

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As mentioned this life insurance policy is normally cheaper than your DSTV subscription, would you rather watch sport or make sure your family is protected?

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