No one ever seems to think that their car is actually one of the most dangerous cars to drive in South Africa. Currently there are cars that are only allowed in South Africa. Cars that are slated with the lowest safety ratings are illegal to be driven in most countries, so where do manufacturers go to push sales of their stock? South Africa!

South Africa’s Ineffective Law

Thanks to South Africa’s next to useless laws, we are unknowingly buying up vehicles that shouldn’t be allowed on the road.

South Africa has become the hotspot for below standard stock imported and sold at low prices for manufacturers to still make a pretty penny. So who do you think pays the price? One of the cars in question has become a popular choice for students and singles to buy up because of the cheaper than the usual price they are being sold at. The Datsun Go!

Listed as one of the most dangerous cars to be driving as it has a 0 safety rating on the Euro NCAP Tests. Yes, you read it correctly, ZERO. ZILCH. NADA!

Is the price of buying this car (+-R125 900) worth more than your life if you were to get in an accident?

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Are You OK With A 0 Safety Rating?

For those who are a little more curious, you can have a look at crash test simulation videos on YouTube.

Various groups have been trying to have the Datsun Go Removed from production lines for quite some time now, sadly, manufacturers keep pushing the envelope to have these cars on the road. The biggest concern involving this car, and the reason for its nonexistent rating, is the fact that it is manufactured without airbags! Can you even believe it? This should have spoken volumes to the law enforcement sectors of government but it seemed to not really phase them. Water off a ducks back right?  

Interesting fact, Only other countries that allow the Datsun Go! To be on their roads:

  • India
  • Russiainjury cars safety The Panda
  • Indonesia

Looking At Datsun’s Website

They aren’t allowed to be driven anywhere else!

“In today’s day and age, questioning a car’s safety rating ranks high during the purchase cycle, however, studies have shown that almost all road accidents are a direct result of poor car maintenance, driving skills, as well as unfavourable road and weather conditions. Therefore, your car having a high NCAP rating is favourable, but this only takes into account how a vehicle will fare in a crash test situation.”- a statement made directly on Datsun’s site.

So never mind the fact that this very car has a ZERO rating right? And isn’t a crash test supposed to be a simulation of exactly that? A crash?!

The website brags further that their cars safety features (they actually have those?) include:

– Seats that keep you awake,

– Non-ABS brakes that allow you to stop from 100km/hr. in 33 m,

-Lights (candles can burn brighter),

– And suspension for potholes (no comment here, *face palm in progress*). 

Brilliant job Datsun!

Having a look at other models that are listed you would easily notice that Datsun isn’t even featured.  The Euro NCAP site also doesn’t list Chery, or even Tata. Yet we see these cars all over our roads.

More Cars With A ZERO Rating

Looking at Tata, specifically their Indica Model, it’s interesting to find that it too, has a fantastic score of ZERO out of 135. How does this not bother the manufacturers? Again a car that was at first, sold without airbags or in that fact, any life preserving features, such as ABS or EBD.

We would all love to feel safe driving our cars, wouldn’t we? Cars of these standards are deemed unroadworthy in other countries. Why not here? We can see that in the past few years these companies have been trying, however minuscule the changes, to increase their vehicles safety measures, so we can give them that. But is it really enough? Not likely as they still do not PASS the tests that they get put through in major countries like Australia, Europe and America.

It is shocking to see how unregulated our countries industry is, with no major attempt to change this by anyone other than the AA. Consumers should be asking why.

Want to know what your cars safety rating is? Check it here: