An astounding number of hijackings happen every single day on the South African roads. There are approximately 45-50 hijackings that happen around the country and the number is increasing year-on-year with new sneaky methods being invented. The latest SAPS report stated that mojarity if the hijackings happen in Gauteng followed by KZN and lastly the Western Cape. No matter where you live you need to make sure you protect yourself with the right car insurance. When was the last time that you checked if you are being overcharged for your car insurance? Try this 3-minute online insurance comparison to see instant quotes:

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The, “Tap Tap” Method

So what exactly is the “tap tap” method? It’s been dubed the tap tap methoud becuase a hijacker will tap the back of your car masking it as an accident. As soon as you get out of the car the scammer will hijack you. It has been reported that a lot of the time hijackers will make use of a woman driver to tap the back of the car, as they say it’s less threatening. 

If this happens to you in an abdoned area, make sure you drive with the person to a crowded area and then exchange details. This will eliminate any risks. 

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What to Do in a Hijacking:

We really hope that the crime and hijacking reduces in South Africa but we have to prepare for the worst so here is what to do if you are in the unfortunate event:

– Show the hijackers you are not a threat. Now no one wants to just back down but hijackers are murdering people for less than a cellphone nowadays so you need to make sure you don’t antagonise them.

-Use your arms to show you are not a threat to them. Lift up your arms to show that you don’t have a weapon and use your left hand to undo your seatbelt to get out of the car.

-Don’t turn off your car, this could frustrate and anger the hijackers and the longer it takes for them to get away from you the longer you are in danger.

-Avoid direct eye contact, it has been reported that a lot of the time hijackers are on drugs or alcohol and looking at them directly in the eyes can threaten them. Try to take in what they are wearing and what their voices sound like so that you can help the police.

So we know a lot of the tips above sound very submissve but this is something that could save your life and in South Africa or any other country.  Rather save your life than your possesions.

Prepare for the Worst:

  1. Feel like someone is following you? If you suspect you are being followed even though it’s usually nothing, rather drive 3 houses down from where you live and turn around. Use your indicator and slow down at a house that isn’t yours. This could cause criminals to lose interest, especially if they already know where you live.
  1. Rule of the back wheels: When stuck at a robot or in traffic always make sure that you can see the back wheels of the car infront of you which will give you enough room to get away if someone does try to rob you.
  1. Smash & Grab Windows: Installing smash and grab in your car is an absolute MUST in South Africa as hijackings are so common here. Smash & Grab is a film installed on your windows that prohibits the glass from shattering in otherwords it can break within the film which gives you time to drive away.

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