South African finance minister Enoch Godongwana plans to continue exercising his duties after the police informed him that a criminal complaint of sexual assault has been made against him.

Godongwana reiterated his denial of the allegation in a statement Thursday. He also denied an additional assertion that he attempted to silence the complainant by bribing her.

“While I serve as minister of finance at the privilege of President Cyril Ramaphosa, I wish to state that I personally intend on continuing with executing my duties by focusing on the critical tasks of revitalizing our economy and protecting the fiscus,” Godongwana said.

Godongwana, who was named finance chief in August last year, has been accused of sexual harassment by an employee at the Kruger National Park who was offering massage services to guests in their rooms. The minister’s office issued a statement denying the allegation on Aug. 13, a stance that he reiterated to the police.

“I repeated my previous assertion, that I in no way or at any time inappropriately touched, sexually harassed, or assaulted anyone,” he said.

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