The Department of International Relations and Cooperation has published a list of the 10 most expensive chanceries, official residences, and staff housing abroad.

Official residences are locations rented or owned by the South African government where officials and other dignitaries reside while conducting their business in that region. Chanceries, meanwhile, refer to the offices of South Africa’s embassies.

Dirco lists 79 missions abroad, with many regional embassies serving surrounding countries and territories.

According to the department’s data, South Africa currently spends R13 million a month to rent the top 10 chanceries and close to R2.5 million a month on the 10 most expensive official residences.

The country’s most expensive embassy is in the United States, located at 845 Third Avenue in New York. The South African Consulate General and the Permanent Mission of South Africa to the United Nations were relocated to the building in 2021.

845 Third Avenue, New York

Rent at the building totals $160,000 a month, which in August 2022 came to just under R2.7 million, the department said. The table below outlines the 10 most expensive chanceries.

Mission Monthly rent Location
New York CG R2 695 922 845 Thjird Avenue, New York
Tokyo R1 762 632 1-4 Kojimachi – CHIYODA-KU, Tokyo
Geneva R1 520 367 Rue Du Rhône, Geneva
Beijing R1 381 169 Dongzhimenwai Dajie, Bejing
Hong Kong R1 172 262 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Luanda R1 062 520 Distrito Urbano de Belas, Sector ZRGA, Luanda
Shanghai R1 028 507 Yan An Road East, Shanghai
Singapore R896 922 331 North Bridge Road, Singapore
Tel Aviv R786 502 Abba Hillel Silver St, Ramat-Gan, Tel Aviv
Moscow R685 123 Granatny Pereulok 1, 123001 Moscow

For official residences, the most expensive location is Addis Ababa, Algeria, which is also South Africa’s root in the African Union. Here, monthly rent sets Dirco back R278,000 a month – though this is not too different from the rent in other locations.

China World Apartments, World Trade Centre

The table below outlines the 10 most expensive official residences:

Mission Monthly rent Location
Addis Ababa R278 279 Nifas Silk Lafto
Dublin R268 790 Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
Accra R252 981 Senchi Street Airport Residential Area
Khartoum R252 981 Amarat street, Khartoum
Moscow R251 991 Leontyevsky Lane, Stroene
Luanda R236 116 Malunga Condominium Talatonia
Los Angeles R235 272 Wetherly Drive, Beverly Hills
Dakar R230 495 Fann residence, Avenue-Venus building
Beijing R220 719 China World Apartments
Kuwait City R218 795 Adailiya Kuwait City
Wetherly Drive, Beverly Hills
Wetherly Drive, Beverly Hills

Dirco also provided the breakdown of the most expensive staff residences abroad. Here, the department spends R1.5 a month on rent for these 10 locations:

Mission Monthly rent Location
Hong Kong R174 086 Bamboo, Kong Kong
Luanda R168 654 Cajuero, Luanda
Luanda R168 654 Morabez, Luanda
Hong Kong R165 489 Prosperity Millinnia Plaza, Hong Kong
Geneva R165 655 Chemin Dde Bouirgeus, Plan-les-Quartes, Geneva
Luanda R151 789 Condominio Rivera, Luanda
Luanda R151 789 Condomino Marabeza, Talotana, Luanda
Geneva R139 557 Chemin des Gotettes Vesenaz, Geneva
Geneva R139 557 Chemin Versoix, Geneva
Luanda R128 531 Condominio Atlantico Sul Rua Naibe, Luanda
Prosperity Millennia Plaza, Hong Kong

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