The City of Cape Town’s Fire & Rescue Service is actively hiring firefighters to fill 120 seasonal positions.

As part of the City’s annual recruitment drive – it aims to strengthen the City’s defences against vegetation fires between November and April.

‘The Fire & Rescue Service responded to 8,202 vegetation fires between November 2021 and April 2022. Our seasonal recruits are critical to our efforts to protect lives and property during this busy period,” said the City.

Seasonal firefighters work alongside permanent staff and were introduced as a programme in early 2009 to fund the appointment of an initial 40 seasonal firefighters. They are expected to work 40 hours a week for the duration of their contracts.

Shortlisted candidates are required to undertake a compulsory fitness test, and when they pass the physical examination will also be required to pass a written assessment and interview.

The fitness test includes:

  • A reach test of 1.9 metres;
  • A 2.4 km run within a prescribed time (12 minutes for men and 13 minutes for women);
  • 30 sit-ups within 60 seconds;
  • 30 push-ups within 60 seconds, and;
  • A 50kg dead load carry over 100m.

The top overall performers will be offered contracts as seasonal firefighters and will start their firefighting training on 1 November.

Their critical tasks include firefighting duties under the guidance and supervision of firefighters and officers, preparing for emergency incidents, and creating fire breaks along the urban edge, said the City.

Alderman JP Smith, the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, said: ‘The seasonal firefighters not only increase and strengthen our firefighting capabilities but also provides skills and opportunity to those who are successful.’

How to apply

The closing date for applications is 19 September 2022:

  • Applicants must apply online via eRecruitment;
  • No hard copy or emailed applications will be accepted;
  • To apply online, applicants must first create an eServices; Account on the City of Cape Town website at;
  • Applicants may use any computer with internet access to apply.

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