The Driving Licence Card Account (DLCA) has actually released an expression of interest in partners who want to assist it with the production of chauffeur’s licences, and the style of a brand-new motorist’s licence card for South Africa.

The DLCA is the sole manufacturer of motorist’s licences in South Africa, and falls under the Department of Transport as a trading entity.

The authority stated it has actually formally started a task to present a brand-new driving licence card which will include the following:

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The DLCA has stated that the brand-new licence will be lined up more detailed to global practices, with the brand-new card likewise permitting the incorporation of brand-new innovations.

The real style of the card will likewise be altered.

” The intro of the brand-new driving licence includes a brand-new style of the driving licence card, and the re-engineering of procedures to permit dexterity and concentrate on providing services effectively and rapidly,” it stated in its yearly efficiency prepare for 2021/2022

” The job will permit the adoption of digital innovations such as blockchain and other associated innovations which will form the platform an incorporated transportation system.”

Enhanced turn-around times

As part of its expression of interest, the DLCA likewise asked for support with its production centers, with the authority intending to substantially enhance licence releasing times in the coming years.

The DLCA stated that it presently produces and provides typically 2.5 million driving licence cards every year.

” Using a central production design, enrolment information is gathered through registration systems and produced internal at the DLCA card production center.

” The production procedure consists of confirmation of information, customization, quality assurance and product packaging of the cards produced. The cards are then dispatched to the appropriate centres.

” The present production environment is utilizing old innovation which is no longer effective and need to be revamped.”

Problems around licensing centres

In May, transportation minister Fikile Mbalula revealeda variety of prepared enhancements for the renewal procedure in his department budget plan speech.

Mbalula stated that his department has actually bewared of a “myriad of grievances” from members of the general public around motorist and lorry licencing.

” The end-game of our interventions is enhanced service shipment and boosted effectiveness in the performance of DLTCs, devoid of corruption,” he stated.

” We have actually engaged as the 3 spheres of federal government and have actually settled on a variety of steps that will resolve the most important obstacles associating with motorist and lorry licensing.”

Mbalula stated that this will consist of:

  • Longer operating hours at licensing centres;
  • The usage of innovation to get rid of lines;
  • The intro of an online user interface for eye doctors and doctors to submit eye test results on the eNatis.