Black Friday started as a United States shopping tradition but South Africa seems to have jumped on the bandwagon and 2018 is looking to be bigger than ever before. My one and only tip: SHOP ONLINE! No queues, no people, no bumping…trust me, it’s safer this way!

Enough jibber jabber, let’s get right to it:

Which SA online stores have the best deals for Black Friday 2018?

1. JackMarx

JackMarx if you don’t know by now is an online watch store. And if you have been eyeing out a certain watch that you couldn’t afford you may just be in luck this Black Friday.  They are running their sale from Black Friday (23 Nov) till CyberMonday and I have heard from an inside source their deals are going to be pretty great like men’s & Women’s watches from R399. Save this link 


2. OneDayOnly

OneDayOnly has announced that their Black Friday sale is going to pretty spectacular and are advertising up to 100% off on Black Friday items. Now, I’m not 100% clear on what that means but I think they may be giving products away? If this is the case OneDayOnly I am most definitely interested. I guess we will find out on Friday!

The Panda

3. TravelStart

TravelStart will have their traditional Black Fly Day, I know it gets me every time too. I’m always inlove with this sale. If you are keen on traveling or have somewhere to be this holiday and haven’t booked a ticket yet watch out for this sale! The sale will be running from Friday 23 Nov until Monday 26 Nov so you have a decent amount of time to choose.

4. TakeAlot

Oh TakeAlot TakeAlot TakeAlot, we really do hope you have enough server capacity so that we can actually shop this year. All jokes aside TakeAlot is always a favourite on Black Friday. They also don’t call it Black Friday they call it their Blue Dot Sale but what’s great about this sale is that there are sales on all categories across the whole website, how much off… we don’t know yet. 

5. Pick n Pay

Surprisingly this year Pick n Pay is taking their online Black Friday sale seriously… well done to you guys for stepping up! Pick n Pay isn’t doing the best job of letting people know about their Black Friday sale online but I hear there will be some fantastic deals. One of the sneak peek deals I have seen is an HD TV that sells for R4999 will be going for R3999, yeah that’s pretty great.

6. Kids Zone

ATT: Mommy’s and daddy’s! Buy the kids Christmas presents on Black Friday, it’s going to leave alot of extra cash for date night. Some toys are already on 50% sale now, can you imagine how epic it’s going to be on Friday. With costs increasing in South Africa this is one you actually can’t afford to miss out on.

7. Makro

Makro has been a store favorite but they are also stepping up their online game. We have no idea how big the sale will be this Black Friday but if we look at last years sales like 40% off appliances, 43% off hi-tech,  25% off clothes etc. this year has to be even better. Tip: make sure you register online before Friday. 

8. iStore

I can’t say I have ever known Apple to do a Black Friday sale but I know they are doing it this year! The iStore hasn’t told us how much of a sale there will be but we know the sale will be from Black Friday through to Cyber Monday. AND if you sign up you stand a chance to win a R20 000 iStore voucher, yeah you can have my email address for that.

9. Snatcher

Many people don’t know about this website yet but I’ve seen some really impressive sales on this site already. They do flash sales just like OneDayOnly which look great so I can’t wait to see what they have in store for Black Friday.

And for all my fashion lovers, here are some online stores that are taking Black Friday seriously this year:

10. Zando

11. Mr Price

12. Fabiani

13. Sportscene

14. Markham

Black Friday is going to top all of it’s predecessors this year so make sure you bookmark this article!