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There’s lots of negativity surrounding the Coronavirus and we are 100% justified to be wary, cautious and scared of catching it but it’s important to know all the facts.

We aren’t saying that you should go sneeze in someone’s face after reading this but the stats will show you what age group is being affected, how many people have died and how many have been cured, who is majorly at risk, how it compares to other sicknesses.

Take the power back, help your fellow human beings and share the real statistics as a lot of fake news is being circulated.

Keep safe, wash your hands, don’t get too close to strangers but don’t panic purchase and stock up on things that you don’t need, we need to look out for each other and make sure that there is enough on the shelves to everyone. This too shall pass, let’s stay calm and help those who are in the high-risk brackets.

Thank you to Johns Hopkins University, Centers for Disease Control, World Health OrganizationStatistaChina Center for Disease Control & PreventionNew York TimesThe Guardian for this information.