Public Service and Administration minister Ayanda Dlodlo has actually detailed just how much civil servant make in South Africa, and the expense of presenting the current wage boost.

Responding to in a composed parliamentary Q&A today, Dlodlo described that there are presently 16 wage bands throughout the general public service, with staff members in band 1 making a typical income of R103,562.

By contrast, public sector employees in band 16 presently make approximately over R2.1 million.

Dlodlo likewise supplied a breakdown of the number of employees remain in each wage band, with the biggest variety of employees falling in between wage bands 5 and 9.

Salary band Overall variety of staff members per wage level Present typical income per wage level
1 263 R103 562
2 77 651 R171 278
3 69 003 R206 957
4 38 663 R247 296
5 201 244 R283 227
6 129 361 R332 985
7 306 703 R411 227
8 159 899 R479 868
9 99 927 R567 956
10 54 510 R710 273
11 35 365 R851 022
12 27 399 R1 222 246
13 7 660 R1 147 609
14 2 405 R1 378 620
15 528 R1 661 168
16 712 R2 130 602
Information from the 2020 Budget reveals that the typical federal government employee compensation passed R400,000 a year in 2019, with this figure heading towards the R450,000 mark in 2021.

This is not spread out similarly throughout all public servants, however there has actually been a clear pattern towards public servants being paid a lot more, in basic.

Research study carried out by market analytics group Intellidex at the end of 2020 discovered that utilizing inflation-adjusted earnings bands, there has actually been a decreasing share of federal government workers making less than an inflation-adjusted R20,000 monthly– from 85% of personnel in 2006/07 to 48% in 2018/19– and an increasing share of personnel earning above that figure.

The fastest-growing earnings band includes personnel earning above an inflation-adjusted month-to-month wage of R30,000. The number has actually increased over five-fold in 12 years, it stated. There has actually been a twelvefold boost in personnel earning in between R30,000 and R40,000 each month, and a five-fold boost in the variety of personnel making in excess of R60,000 monthly.

Intellidex stated that the boost in top-earners in the general public service had actually been driven by a significant increase in the variety of physician– extremely medical professionals– instead of normal public servants, administrators and policymakers.

By contrast, the typical official sector wage in South Africa is R23,122 a month, consisting of bonus offers and overtime, according to Stats SA. Research study performed by the Pietermaritzburg Economic Justice and Dignity group on the other hand, discovered that 56% of South Africans survive on less than R1,300 a month.