In the society we have formed, it is nearly impossible to get through a day without accessing the internet, we can’t function without it. Having internet, and that better be uncapped – has become a must-have. So here are some tips and factors to consider when looking at an uncapped internet package.

Step 1: Choose Your Service Provider

This is a crucial factor as this will be the company that controls your line quality, speed and reliability. Choose wisely. Shop around. Compare deals. And ask around! There are hundreds of people out there that either love, or hate there ISP’S (for those who have seen this word around and still wonder what this stands for… Internet Service Provider, now go throw that one around at the dinner party), so ask around and see which companies are getting the love…and well, which ones are sitting at the unpopular table next to the dumpsters.

Step 2: Choose The Right Package

Things to consider with Telkom:

1. ADSL:

Some of their packages do not include costs of line rental and you need to remain within their boundaries of “acceptable usage policy” – bummer. What does this even mean, you ask? Well even though you have uncapped internet the ISP can still throttle your internet if you have used more than the “acceptable usage amount”. So uncapped isn’t limitless like the definition actually means.

Plan        2Mbps   4Mbps   10Mbps    20Mbps     40Mbps        100Mbps

Cost        R229      R286      R574           R999         R1 439              R2 149

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***Although if you are only wanting to be online to check your email, uncapped would be slightly wasted.


This form of connectivity has become very popular. Even though this option is not yet available as uncapped, it does have fairly competitive options.

Packages explained in normal English and not tech talk:

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Even though Fibre networking is not available everywhere, you can find out if it’s available in your area. For those interested in this bolt speed fibre plan, it includes:

  • Free installation and setup.
  • Free modem
  • Uncapped night surfer data between 12 am and 7 am
  • Included data should you need to top up.
  • And much more.

3. LTE: This SMART BROADBAND offers:

  • Uncapped wireless connection
  • 10G FUP unlimited Wi-Fi connection
  • 29 – per meg out of bundle rates
  • Unlimited anytime data
  • LTE Wi-Fi router and external pointing antenna
  • Free sim card and connection.

Telkom is one of the fastest growing networks out there. Telkom at this point provides the biggest coverage and range of products in South Africa and there aren’t really any competitors that are being seen as viable. Umm did someone say “GAP IN THE MARKET!”.