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Car Insurance, Car Insurance, the infamous car insurance monthly expense that we all love to hate. Do you cringe every month when that debit order hits? Why is that? It’s because we don’t get anything immediately in return for our money that we’re handing over. The age of instant gratification, it’s not our fault, it’s just the modern world we live in.

We want good value for money because dammit we work hard for it! If you feel like you aren’t getting value for money for your car insurance click the link below and complete the instant quick quote form and see premiums that you can compare yours with:

Paying too much for your car insurance

Why Not Just Give Up Car Insurance All Together?

The latest SAPS report states that a car hijacking happens every 32 minutes and is increasing year on year. Reports from the Road Traffic Management Corporation states that there are over 800 000 crashes on the road in South Africa every year. About 520 000 of those cars involved in the crashes aren’t insured.

This is not the time in South Africa to give up on your safety net but that doesn’t mean you have to feel overcharged for your car insurance, so let’s rather work on reducing your car insurance premium than canceling your policy.

A common question we are asked is, “How can I reduce my car insurance cost?”. There are a few things that you can do to reduce your monthly car insurance premium such as:

  • Don’t claim for all the small things, this keeps your premium low, the more you claim the worse things get for your premium.
  • Don’t overvalue your car, the more it’s valued at, the more your premium will be.
  • Install security devices like trackers, insurers love this, and it can reduce your car insurance premium
  • Take an advanced driving test, you will most likely be seen as a less-risky driver giving you lower insurance premiums.
  • Lower car mileage: don’t let your insurance company make an estimate of your monthly mileage. Don’t be lazy, go work it out, the lower your mileage per month is the lower your car insurance premium will be.
  • Keep that Credit Score as healthy as a Kale smoothie, insurance companies are now looking at your credit score to determine your premium and your risk profile which in turn changes your insurance premium cost.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Never settle for the first quote you get so COMPARE, COMPARE, COMPARE! The problem with this is that it’s time-consuming but if you use a comparison website like MoneyPanda it should only take you 60 seconds get an online car insurance quote and see over 9 providers side-by-side:
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The other issue with most comparison websites is that they only compare providers based on price but that may not be the best option if consumers receive bad service. That’s why MoneyPanda compares price and reviews when you get a quote. Now you can see how much car insurance will cost you as well as what score the insurer received from their customers on your quote. You can even see comments and experiences they have had with that specific provider.

How the 60-Second Car Insurance Quoting Process Works:

Fill in your personal details:

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Fill in your vehicle details: Click see quotes and wait about a minute or 2

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Your quotes are shown from cheapest to most expensive: Next to the prices you can compare consumer reviews

compare car insurance quotes with MoneyPanda

Try this online quick quote car insurance comparison now:

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