The fear is there, for everyone, when it comes to driving around in our cars. The constant fear that at any moment you could become a victim of theft or hijacking.

In South Africa, being hijacked is in the top 5 of most feared crimes. Our community has become more and more vigilant of these instances and is doing more – far as possible – to avoid the possibilities and steer clear of hotspots where this has been documented to occur often. Being informed is the best way to avoid landing in these situations.

Have a look at the top-rated provinces and cars that are targeted in these crimes below

hijack vs theft in SA

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Hijacking and theft tend to go hand in hand. The people involved in these crimes tend to be opportunists and if the chance appears for them to gain more than they bargained for, they will go for it. This is why most car tracking companies, insurance providers and law enforcement encourages people not to drive around with valuables in their cars. Especially in high crime areas!

top provinces hijacked in south africa

In the Western Cape, hijacking and theft are not as predominant as in Gauteng and KZN, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Crime, unfortunately, is an ever-present threat and we all need to be smart and aware at all times, is there really any place that is 100% safe anymore?

With the increased amount of anti-theft equipment such as immobilisers and gear locks, installed in cars today, hijacking has become the preferred method of action. This being that in a hijack situation, the criminal has the element of surprise and can turn a buck easily. These acts are often well planned out, making it difficult in most cases to recover the stolen vehicle.

High risk areas in the Western cape

Knowing which areas to avoid has become increasingly important. Although, avoiding these high target areas completely, in most cases can prove difficult. Just be aware. Hide valuables like jewellery and cell phones and keep your doors locked and eyes open.

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