According to Zutobi’s study, South Africa has the most dangerous roads, given the statistics of accidents
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AARTO explained – the basics of SA’s new demerit system

South Africa’s Demerit System: Here’s what you need to know!

The demerit point system is a world-renowned practice. At its core, all drivers/owners of vehicles are subjected to receive specific demerit points against each infringement and offence they commit. Ultimately, it could lead to the suspension as well as cancellation of one’s driver license. Car insurance coverage will also be affected for such convicts. You can’t control the Demerit Systme but you can comtrol your car insurance cover and premium, check that you have the right cover with our on online car insurance calculator:

AARTO mentions 2500 charges for various traffic infringements. For example, driving at 70 km/h into a 60 km/h zone will incur one demerit point, whereas surpassing this limit will bring three points. Also, each infringement already possesses a fine. On the other hand, offences such as driving under the influence or without a valid license will be dealt with in criminal courts alongside the allocation of six demerit points.  

So, what does this mean?

If you incur more than 14 demerit points over three years, your license will be suspended for three months at each violation. Suppose you get 16 (+2) points; you’re not eligible to hit the roads for the next six months.

In the case of company vehicles, the designated driver will be liable for violations. However, the vehicle owner will be responsible if a specified/licensed driver is not found behind the wheels. 

Those who cross this threshold thrice will get their driving license cancelled. And they’ll have to reapply for a new learner’s license.

Is there no way to contest infringement notices?

The transportation authorities will serve you a document via email. You can pay the penalty at a discounted rate within 32 days.

Alternatively, you can contact the Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA) for a representation officer. Should your appeal be rejected, you can further consult Special Appeals Tribunals or pay the penalty in full plus representation cost. In any case, challenging the conviction in courts is out of the equation.

How short-term car insurance behaves after a penalty?

Short-term car insurance plans such as PPS will continue to cover insured drivers and vehicles. But their risk status can be updated according to South Africa’s demerit system. Also, no car insurance provider will reimburse drivers carrying suspended licenses.