Statistics from the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) of South Africa show that up to 800,000 cars get into accidents on South African roads every year. In contrast, only 60-70% of motorists have car insurance in South Africa. This is a worrying enough statistic until you learn that most South Africans do not have homeowners insurance either.

Most people do not purchase these essential insurance policies because they cannot afford to pay their premiums every month. If that’s the case, don’t worry! Here are 10 tips to reduce your car and home insurance premiums. Let’s dive in!

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Tips To Reduce Your Insurance Premiums

Whether it is veld fires that you need cover for or hit-and-runs, here are ten tips to reduce car insurance premiums along with your home insurance ones! So, let’s dive in!

  1. Don’t get the same cover twice.

If there is any coverage that more than one of your insurance policies is offering, cancel one of them to get a cheaper premium.

  1. If you’re house-hunting, buy a brick home.

Houses made out of wood cost much higher premiums to insure because they are a fire hazard.

  1. Update your home inventory.

Your home insurance policy contains details about all the expensive things in your home. Make sure to review this list every few months to make sure you don’t have any useless things in it, such as old appliances or unused furniture.

  1. Recheck your vehicle’s value.

If you’re driving an old car, make sure you don’t insure it for thousands of Rands. Doing so will help you reduce your car insurance premiums.

  1. Improve your risk profile.

For a lower premium, improve your risk profile by shifting to a safer neighborhood and park your car in a locked garage.

  1. Only put in claims for big expenses.

If you call to collect damages for every little accident that occurs in your home or to your car, the insurance company will inevitably increase your insurance premium.

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  1. Purchase your home close to help resources.

You’ll get much lower premiums if your house is close to a fire or police station.

  1. Do your research.

Before purchasing your insurance policy, make sure to research the prices of all comparable insurance policies.

  1. Make your car safer.

If you want a lower premium on car insurance in South Africa, installing a tracker or a burglar alarm is an excellent idea.

  1. Read up on company policies.

Some companies offer lower premiums if you purchase more than one policy. Read up on company policies to find out if that’s the case.


Home and car insurance are essential in South Africa. If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to reduce your insurance policies so that you can afford them with ease. Good luck!