Freelancing is growing at a rapid speed in South Africa. South Africans are taking this on full-time (yes you can be a full-time freelancer) or part-time.

If you are looking at freelancing part-time, make sure there is nothing in your full-time job contract that prohibits you from working odd jobs. It’s always a good idea to be open with your boss about it,  whether it’s about fulfilling another passion of yours, earning some extra cash or another reason be honest.

When freelancing full-time it’s important to make sure you are saving money in all areas of your life as things can be a little unstable at the start. Make sure you aren’t paying more for car insurance than you should by using our 3-minute car insurance comparison to:Paying too much for your car insurance

6 Must-knows:

  1. Find your USP – your Unique Selling Point. This is a skill or talent you can market to bring in an income. E.g. – are you artistic or well trained in graphic work? Become a freelance graphic artist! Are you tech savvy and know your way around technology? Become a remote Tech Support Agent and outsource to companies on a contract basis. Find your niche and let your talent shine.
  2. You need the almighty INTERNET! Make sure you have a great internet connection. If you are going to be working remotely from your computer you will need a great internet connection to keep your business alive. If you don’t know where to start have a look at our article: How To Find The Best Broadband Deal
  3. Work Smart. Smartphones dominate our lives. With the latest advancements, you can take your business with you wherever you go. Invest in a capable smartphone to stay in the loop when you are not in front of your PC.
  4. Manage your hours. The biggest downfall for Freelance agents is the management aspect. If you want to earn a good pay cheque you have to put in the hours to make it happen. Discipline yourself to sit down and get it done.
  5. Market your skills: Market yourself! You will not get any work if no one knows about you. You need to advertise and bring in the business. Remember, there are free platforms to market yourself like GumTree.
  6. Nurture your leads and clients. Bad business spreads faster than good business. If you mess up – everybody in the industry will know about it. So do a good job! Take the time to do the job the right way. Don’t rush it just because you want the money.
  7. Register on freelance websites. This is a great market space and can be a goldmine for you if you do it right. Have a look at:
https://www.flexjobs.comworking from home

Freelancing platforms are easy to register to and offer over tons of different job opportunities. For example, Flexjobs offers over 20 000 different listings.

A survey done by Virgin Media Business showed that by 2022, 60% of the workforce has the potential to be working from home. The 9 -5 is slowly but surely on the last call. Take the leap and jump in with the Freelance Nation and realize your dreams.

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