We all have that constant fear, it’s always on the back of my mind, “What am I going to do if this taxi hits me?”.

Our taxis have become a common cause for many people’s road rage, it can be hard to control our anger when they cause fender benders or worse but is it worth reacting? If and when you find yourself in this position, I advise that you count to ten before acting out. You have no idea when a taxi or any other car could bump you, that’s why MoneyPanda compares multiple car insurance providers for you with our 5-minute quick quote process, Taryn tried it and saved hundreds:compare car insurance quote with MoneyPanda

Taxi Drivers Will Act Out In Groups

Taxi drivers don’t always adhere to the rules of the road… is that fair? I think we can all answer that. Taxis account for 65% of public transport in South Africa so your chances of getting into an accident with one is fairly high. There are currently about 150 000 taxis on the roads in South Africa.

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The taxi industry is very competitive and dangerous. The drivers may act out aggressively towards each other in general but should there be an altercation involving a “regular” motorist, they will band together as thick as thieves. They are never alone. Remember that! It’s scary to think that there are over 20 000 taxi owners and 200 000 drivers that can band together.

So what NOT to do if you are involved in an accident:

  • NEVER engage with the driver in anger  – Communicate as calmly and as civilly as possible. Remember – to them, the longer they are stuck on the side of the road the more frustrated they will become. Every second they aren’t on the road is a loss for their business and potential income.
  • Don’t walk away empty-handed – No, we don’t mean loot the taxi! When we are stressed out we tend to forget the basics. Gather as much information as possible. Association numbers, number plates, names if possible, contact details – their cell numbers are more often than not, on the vehicle itself.
  • Never ever get physical! – Remember who you are dealing with. Getting physical with a taxi driver means you are getting physical with a whole group of people. If you engage the driver – it is more than likely that the passengers will back him up and if other taxi drivers pull over you are really in trouble.
  • Don’t inflict further damage to the taxi – Yes, you will want to vent and talking to an angered driver can be difficult. You will only worsen your chances of coming out ahead and it may be difficult for you when claiming from insurance to prove your case (especially if you were not at fault). Step away from the baseball bat!

You never know if the taxi that hit your car belongs to the wrong group of people. Did you know: 36 lives are lost a day on  South African roads and 3 of those are caused by taxis. Make sure you are atleast properly covered by your insurance provider. Compare providers such as MiWay, King Price, Santam, Virseker, First For Women and more! In less than 5 minutes you can see prices:Paying too much for your car insurance

Quick Tips:

  • Stick to the law, stay calm and follow procedure (even when you feel wronged), your safety is worth more than blowing off some steam.
  • Go to the nearest police station, report the event. Submit all the details you gathered.
  • Give up all the insurance information, if it wasn’t your fault you have nothing to lose.

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