Renewing your car license is our yearly duty, we hate it but we have no choice. All vehicle owners renew their car licenses religiously knowing that if they don’t, they can be fined at any given point.

Lately, the car license renewal laws have been updated and a few addendums have been added.  One of the biggest frustrations is going to renew your license, getting to the front of the line after waiting for hours and not being able to renew it, I know I have been there and it’s not fun! That’s why we have decided to update you on what has changed.

Why Has The Government Updated The Requirements?

Law officials have adjusted and tweaked the laws to help run a “smoother” ship. Helping to ensure that documentation and renewal notices can be sent and received by either party in a timeous and amicable manner. I don’t know if everyone agrees’s with this… do you feel like the ship is being run smoothly? Just because you’re unhappy about your government doesn’t mean you need to be uphappy with your car insurance too, get a 5-minute quick quote and see prices from over 9 providers :compare car insurance with The Panda Proof Of Address To Renew Your License, Required Or Not:

  • The biggest change over the years that have annoyed many is having to provide proof of residence and identification documents every time you would like to renew or update your licence information or disc. Yes, you read correct, take it with you every…single…year. Documents that you may have thought were good enough to vouch for your residency may not actually be in line with what they want. Ensure that you take a utility bill, this is always a winner, for example, a telephone bill or electricity bill.

Outstanding ETOLL Bills Affecting Your Renewal:

  • Etoll outstanding monies cannot affect renewing your licence disc. “We would further like to point out that while there is a requirement for proof of residence, the new regulation cannot be used to withhold a license disc for outstanding e-toll fees.”-AA said. So not to worry drivers out there, Etoll might be a nightmare on the road, it can at least not affect your renewals… yet!

Proving It’s Yours, Sound Familiar?

  • Make sure all your details are recorded correctly on the Enatis system. This system is the official form of record that verifies you and your vehicle. Not having these details in order can prevent you from being able to renew your licence. So when going to renew your licence, always take your identification and proof of residence to update or verify your details on the system.

Renewing Your Disk While Living Abroad

car insurance savers in south africa with MoneyPanda So let’s just recap, here is what you need to take with you every single year:

  1. Your ID book or drivers license,
  2. Proof Of Address (use a utility bill to make sure they will accept it),
  3. Take your renewal paper that you received in the post, if you didn’t get the renewal notice, DO NOT PANIC, just complete form ALV (Application for Licensing of Motor Vehicle) that you can get at the traffic department,
  4. If someone is renewing your licence on your behalf, they need to take all of the above and a letter from you giving this permission that is signed by you. Let them take a copy of your ID and proof of address just in case.

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Some things have stayed the same, you still need to ensure that your vehicle is in a roadworthy condition, no matter if your licence is up to date, if your car is not roadworthy, you will still be fined.

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