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1 Minute of simple set up could save your life.

With all the violence happening in South Africa as of late, we have to be more aware, more vigilant and more prepared. Most of us don’t actually know that our phones even have this capability: Android or ios location sharing. This could be the difference between life or death.

Both Android and ios set-ups are super simple and should not take you more than 1 minute, even for those of us that are “tech-challenged”. This emergency location sharing doesn’t require any app downloading, the systems were already built into the cellphones to be used in emergencies.

Follow the below instructions, your phone will automatically send an SMS to your chosen emergency contacts sharing your current location:

How to Set Up Emergency Location Sharing on Your Android Phone:

The setup may differ slightly depending on what phone you have and which version of Android it runs but basics should be the same.

Go to your phone’s lock screen. (Make sure you have a lock screen)
Tap on the word “Emergency” at the bottom corner of the lock screen.
Tap on “Emergency information” then tap on the pencil symbol (or, depending on your phone, on “Add”). You’ll be asked to put in your PIN or lock pattern.
An Emergency information screen will pop up where you can add personal information (blood type or any existing medical conditions etc.) and any contacts you want to be notified. Press the lock button 5 times fast, a timer will appear and as soon as the timer ends your emergency contacts will receive an SMS with your location.

How to Set Up Emergency Location Sharing on Your ios Phone:

Location sharing in emergency MoneyPanda news for ios cellphones
Open the Health app on your ios cellphone. Tap on the “Medical ID” tab.
Click “Edit.” (If you haven’t yet created a medical ID, you’ll need to do that first.)
Find the “Add emergency contact” button, and add as many people as you want.
With an iPhone 8 or later:
Press and hold the power button along with either volume button, & an “Emergency SOS” screen will pop up and a countdown will appear.
Keep holding both buttons until the countdown ends.
Your phone will text your emergency contacts with your current location.
With an iPhone 7 or earlier, press the power button five times fast and drag your finger across the Emergency SOS slider.

Test this with an emergency contact and make sure you are set up. We pray things in South Africa will improve for men and for women and we are proud of the citizens that are standing up for this country and for our women and children. Please share this information, it could help save someone’s life.