Zuma & Cyril Ramaphosa are secretly negotiating a deal. Sources state that if Zuma snitches on the Gupta’s and reveals all he will get the opportunity to avoid prosecution on charges of state capture.

According to the report by Sunday Times, this is part if his exit package that is being negotiated but it’s all meant to be very hush hush. Well sorry guys, in this county South Africans want to know what’s happening, and ain’t no secret anymore.

The report states that the deal has been delayed due to costs involved…with Zuma’s involvement he is costing the citizens of South Africa money as the power of the rand is set to soar once he officially steps down, so let’s get a move on Cyril.

Zuma corrupt, what happens if he tells on the Gupta's

It’s not just Implicating the Gupta’s But Also Zuma’s Son

This deal will be a first for South Africa as we haven’t seen anything like this in parliament before. It involves Zuma disclosing any and all of his criminal activities as well as name everyone involved in all those activities. Mmm Gupta’s must be trembling in their boots!

The problem comes in when disclosing all means outing his own son Duduzane allegedly also involved in criminal activity involving the Gutpa’s. It is said that the Schabir Shaik case, corruption charges will be excluded from this deal.

Will Zuma be outed before he gets the chance to snitch?

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Now that the story is out and it’s no longer “a secret”, the Gupta’s or Jacob’s son….or both have the chance to tell all and make a deal with Cyril Ramaphosa before Zuma can. Either way one of the parties here will be getting off scot-free. 

Do you agree with this? Is Ramaphosa making the right decision?

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