Cars in South Africa are extremely expensive when you compare it to other countries in relation to their cost of living. That’s why It’s important to weigh up pros and cons of new and second-hand cars.

Buying A New Car


  • It will never ever be in a better state than that.
  • You get all the bells and whistles of warranties and service plans.
  • You will get the latest technology on the market.
  • You get to choose the exact colour, interior such as seats etc. and the model you want.


  • The worst thing about buying a new car is always… THE PRICE!
  • You pay for all the extras. Anything you want added, will add to the price
  • Depreciation, depreciation, depreciate. You will never make your money back.
  • Insurance will always be higher as the value of a new car is higher.

Buying A Second-Hand Car


  • You have the option to negotiate and get a better deal , therefore it will be cheaper.
  • You can shop around, you can either go with a private owner or a dealership which gives you lots of choice.
  • You have the option to buy a car/ parts that are no longer made.
  • Slower depreciation as the first owner usually takes the biggest knock.


  • Unless there is a good history and paper trail, you would need to take your sellers word. You never truly know everything.
  • There will be no warranty or motor plan if the car is older than 5-7 years.
  • You can’t add features unless you go to the dealer to have them added for a pretty penny.
  • Maintainance will normally be needed more frequently and will be more expensive.

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Decide On These 3 Things:

  1. Find out exactly what type of car you are in the market for.

Trolling through thousands of cars is so unnecessary! Work smart, not hard. Narrow it down to a few cars you know will get you from A to B in the way you need it to.

2.Efficiency is key.

Will these cars suit your pocket? Fuel efficiency and maintenance is so important. Petrol in South Africa is expensive and it’ constantly increasing. Aaaand then there is the ozone layers we need to think about!

3.Do the maths! Sit down and work out what you can afford.

This is a sure fire way to decide whether or not you will be buying straight off the floor or from someone else.

Check everything thoroughly before buying if you decide to go the second-hand route. You can always ask your traffic department to run a check through their system if you feel unsure about the legitimacy of the vehicle you are interested in. They will be able to tell you whether it’s a good idea or not based on its records. If you decide to go new, always try to go green, help the planet and try keep carbon emissions low.