Capetonians are dreading the day…day zero. Where life becomes just that much harder and the simple task of making coffee or having a shower becomes painful.

Walking around the grocery store people are in panic buying up all the 5l water cans available. Then there are some of us living in denial and the truth hasn’t hit us yet. It’s time for us to accept it, this is not another “Eskom running out of electricity story”. It may feel unreal to you because your friends in Johannesburg are posting photo’s on Facebook of them swimming or having baths but it’s real people!

Helen Zille’s advise for people who can afford it is to book into affordable hotels. Why? because the hotel’s will not have the same restrictions as residents which means you may be able to have a proper shower in a hotel. Frightening that this is what we are being told to do…

6 Things Zille Outlined Will Happen:

  1. Across the city of Cape Town there may only be 200 water points (PoD’s) that the citizens will have access to. It may sound like a lot but when you are providing water to a population of about 3.74 million people, it’s not enough.
  2. The towns surrounding Cape Town such as Drakenstein, Stellenbosch and other towns on the West Coast will most likely also be turned off and will have to rely on water points.
  3. The 6 dams that are currently supplying Cape Town with water are expected to drop to 13.5% capacity 1 week before the taps will be turned off.
  4. There is a 25 litre per day, per person cap. This was calculated on the assumption that the average family in Cape Town consists of 4 people.
  5. Congestion problems: the City expects 5000 people to queue for water every day at a single water point, that’s if every family only sends one person.  Now we want to know where we are meant to get the time for this and how is this going to affect traffic urg…
  6. The City is having discussions with SAB and the South African Bureau of Standards to make a plan to sell water for R1 per bottle approximately 750ml.